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We are pleased to announce that our company, GAC Ventures Pte Ltd, has been appointed as an official distributor for the full range of coolbit products from Kobaya Co Ltd of Japan for the ASEAN and China region.

We are targeting at these various lines:

1. Sports Line

Pictures Specifications
coolbit Double Russell Mesh Cap (CBSPCP82)

coolbit Double Russell Mesh Cap (CBSPCP82)

Color: Navy / White / Khaki / Beige / Gray

Size: L (59cm) / XL (61cm)


coolbit UV Long Flap Cap (CBSPCP53)

coolbit UV Long Flap Cap (CBSPCP53)

Color: Blue / Pink / White

Size: Free-Size (58~60cm)


2. Workers Line

Pictures Specifications

coolbit Builder V (CBB-V) coolbit Builder V (CBB-V) 1coolbit Builder V (CBB-V) 1

coolbit Builder V (CBB-V)

Color: Gray / Navy

Size: Free-Size

coolbit Ice Pocket Vest (3CL-W3)

coolbit Ice Pocket Vest (3CL-W3)

Color: –

Size: M (Height: 155~170cm / Waist: 70cm) / 

L (Height: 165~180cm / Waist: 90cm) / 

XL (Height: 175~185cm / Waist: 90cm)

coolbit Builder II (CBB-II) coolbit Builder II (CBB-II) 1

coolbit Builder II (CBB-II)

Color: Gray / Navy / Black

Size: Free-Size


3. Kids Line

Pictures Specifications

coolbit UV Flap Hat (WR-CM703S)coolbit UV Flap Hat (WR-CM703S) 1coolbit UV Flap Hat (WR-CM703S) 2

coolbit UV Flap Hat (WR-CM703S)

Color: Blue / Orange / Light Blue / Pink / White / Khaki / Red / Yellow

Size: Free-Size (52~58cm)

coolbit UV Color Junior Hat (WR-HT901)

coolbit UV Color Junior Hat (WR-HT901)

Color: Blue / White / Pink / Light Blue / Orange

Size: Free-Size (54~58cm)



coolbit is great when exercising in high intensity sun conditions or doing indoor/outdoor activities. It protects the back of your head from the blazing sun and heat ray, keeping it cool.



How to use coolbit products?

  1. Soak the flap in water for about 1 minute. Cold water will give you a better effect.
  2. Take the flap out of water and squeeze it lightly. Then attach it to the cap.
  3. When the flap is exposed to the sun, it becomes very cool due to its water evaporation. If the coolness wears off, soak the flap in water again.

How to use coolbit products


Why coolbit?

coolbit has superabsorbent fiber embedded by patented process and corresponds with various anti-heat exhaustion products.

Why coolbit


1. 5 Major Characteristics of coolbit

  1. The back of your neck is protected against direct sunlight and harmful UV rays.
  2. Directly cools off the back of your head and neck where motor nerves are localized.
  3. A removable flap allows you to get a cooling effect easily. You don’t have to soak the whole cap.
  4. Rotating flap can be folded up inside the cap. The flap lets you cool off any part of your head you want.
  5. Can be used as a regular cap by removing the flap.


2. Patented Manufacturing Method

  • The buttoned centre flap can be folded up inside the cap by rotating/inverting it sideways.
  • This means it is always the lining of the flap that touches the head and that the outer layer stays clean.
  • This rotating feature lets you adjust the position of the flap into two different ways, and you can cool off any part of your head you want.
  • The back of your head is protected against direct sunlight and harmful UV rays all year round.
  • Furthermore, direct cooling off the back of your head where motor nerves are localized helps to reduce fatigue.
  • No matter how many times you wash the flap, its cooling function will not degrade significantly.
  • You can reuse the flap by soaking it in water, coolbit series are eco-friendly to both human and earth.


3. Latest and Pioneering Flap Shapes

Latest and Pioneering Flap Shapes


4. Material Used

Material Used


5. Functions



6. Scientific Data

Scientific Data


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